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<h3> whistler bowl</h3>  <p>Description - Integer tincidunt enim non tellus lacinia sollicitudin placerat velit venenatis. Duis pretium varius sapien ut placerat. Pellentesque ultrices varius massa,</p>  <a href="">Hesitant skater</a>
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The shortcode for this post is:
[ slideshow fromfolder="uploads/demofolder" image_size="medium" linked="false" clear="both" show_type="push" ]

5 thoughts on “SlideShow fromfolder demo

  1. I’ll need a link to check, but you could check that the javascript is loading into your doc head, if it is, mootools core, mootools more, slideshow, then look for jquery javascript, there may be a conflict.
    Send the link I’ll have a look.

  2. Hey man… I just wanted to appreciate your amazing work, coding, and ideas. So much love+effort is put into this thing to make it sexy, smooth, easy, and working.

    Excellent, excellent work. I’m excited to look at the other plugins as well!

    I got it mostly working on a site, but for some reason, only the thumbnails display, not the main image. There is a space for it, but no image loads…

    I’m totally open to any feedback or direction you might feel like offering. :)

    Anyway, have a great day!

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