Small Falls

Small Falls

This image has a short code of [ image ]
The plugin settings are:

  • Image link on. Adds a link to the image.
  • Image caption on. Adds the caption to a p tag bellow the image.
  • Image lightbox on. Adds rel=”lightbox:post-ID” to the image link.
  • Image frame on. Wraps a div around the image and caption.
  • Limit to: 1 the number of images to be shown. (enter @ to show all images.)
  • Image size.medium which image should be rendered by default.
  • Link to.large which link should be rendered by default.
  • Default Image Align. left

and this image has a different shortcode:
my shortcode is: [ image image_id=697 size="thumbnail" image_link="on" link_type="attachment_page" caption="off" lightbox="off" align="right" image_frame="on"]

and this image has yet a different shortcode:


glass caption

my shortcode is: [ image image_id=697 size="minithumb" image_link="on" link_type="attachment_page" caption="on" lightbox="off" align="left" image_frame="on"]

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